Cardio for Powerlifting: The Why And How For More Strength And Muscle

Were you ever told you you HAVE to do cardio to lose weight?

Or if you’re trying to get stronger, should you even do cardio?

Cardio is often demonized throughout the fitness industry.

Some say you ONLY need to lift weights. All of your dreams will come true when you lift.

Weights absolutely NEED to be the foundation of your training, regardless of goal.

But there is a time and place for cardio.

And there’s way more you can do than letting your soul slowly die on an elliptical.

Give my latest article on Powerlifting University a read to learn WHY and HOW you should do cardio that gets you results.

Plus, the methods I lay out won’t make you want to run face first into a brick wall.

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Here’s Exactly What To Do When One Of Your Lifts Sucks

If you’ve been in the weight room for an appreciable amount of time, you’ve inevitably struggled with one of the big lifts at some point.

You squat and deadlift cars with little effort, but your bench press blows chunks.

The amount of weight you deadlift and bench press scares small children. Your squat, on the other hand, makes those same children shake their heads in embarrassment.

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Three Workouts For When You Need A Swift Kick In The Family Jewels

Being a guy, it’s in your nature to be a little on the competitive side.

You always have to be the best whether you’re at work grinding for a promotion, playing your friends in a “friendly” game of corn hole at a barbeque, or dominating your local beer league softball game.

Let’s be honest, if you’re rounding third and heading for home to score the game winning run, you’re going to slide into home despite the fact you’re wearing shorts and the strawberry you acquire on your thigh will cause a slight limp when walking for the next week.

This situation is described as if it’s happened before…

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Random Ramblings: 10/9/2017

When I write there’s often times when I don’t have the slightest clue as to what is going to appear on the screen. Many times, I’m working on an article for my website, but other times not. Most of the nonsense writing has the sole purpose of making sure I write something for the day.

Instead of deleting those incoherent pieces of garbage (they’re not garbage, but it’s hard to call them anything when they don’t have a definitive purpose), I’ll begin to put them up on the website.

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Do You Have A Fat Gut? Fix Your Plumbing

How often do you think about the health of your internal plumbing?

You’re probably focusing on everything you can change in the mirror. No one is blaming you. It’s one hell of a feeling to wake up and see less cushion around your belly. Or the proud moment when you fit into a pair of pants you haven’t been able to button since college.

Your guts aren’t causing embarrassment when you take your shirt off in front of your wife, so there’s no need to think about it. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

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