I’m sure you’ve done this yourself or known someone who has said this phrase before (I know I’ve heard it plenty of times).

Imagine someone is rocking and rolling with their fitness routine.

They’re getting in their 2-4 strength sessions per week, staying active by consistently hitting around 10,000 steps per day, sleeping like a rhino who’s been hit by five tranquilizer darts and sticking with their nutrition plan 90% of the time.

All seems good and well.

Nothing is going to interrupt the progress they’ve made and the momentum they’ve built.


Life happens (Or, shit happens, if that resonates with your personality a little better).

Your kid gets sick.

You have a big deadline at work approaching which is stressing you out.

You have a new baby.

Or, your favorite college football team loses the absolute worst team in the conference…

Whatever it is, you let it disrupt the momentum you’ve built with your fitness.

Folks will try to put their fitness and getting into shape on hold while they work out the problem.

Problem is, your body doesn’t allow you to “hold on.”

You’re either getting better or getting worse.

We don’t get the luxury of simply pushing the pause button with our fitness.

Stop showing up to the gym for your strength training sessions 2-4 times per week?

You’re going to lose muscle and strength, resulting in it being harder for you to lose weight.

Not hitting around 10,000 steps per day?

You won’t be able to eat as much of your favorite foods without gaining weight. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough of a reason to get my happy feet walking.

Eating like a child who orders their food by the cartoon character on the box?

You’ll gain weight, feel like death glazed over and have zero energy.

No bueno, my friend.

You won’t always have to be 100% committed to improving your health (you rarely have to be at 100%, honestly). You can take a week off here and there, go on vacation or deal with a personal issue,

But, you’ll have to regain focus and hop back on the gains train sooner rather than later.

If you don’t?

You’ll end up back where you started and starting all over again is the most frustrating part. Knowing how far you came only to allow one of life’s tests to kick you in the gut and sending you back down the hill.

Don’t put your health and fitness on hold.


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