If you’ve been in the weight room for an appreciable amount of time, you’ve inevitably struggled with one of the big lifts at some point.

You squat and deadlift cars with little effort, but your bench press blows chunks.

The amount of weight you deadlift and bench press scares small children. Your squat, on the other hand, makes those same children shake their heads in embarrassment.

Or, your bench press and squat make juiced up baseball players from the 90’s jealous. But you can’t deadlift said players jock straps of the ground.

If one of your lifts is seriously lagging behind the other two, I gotchu.

Give the article I wrote for Powerlifting University a read and be sure to let me know how it helps you out by commenting below.

Here’s Exactly What To Do When One Of Your Lifts Sucks


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